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On this page further documents about the DRG Certification Project can be found and are partially available for free download. References to publications that are not freely available are also provided.

ECR 2009: Experiences from quality testing and the new IHE profiles for image sharing with media

March 2009. Slides from a speech of Dr. Marco Eichelberg from OFFIS held at ECR 2009 about the patient CD quality assurance approach in Germany and the planned extensions to corresponding IHE profiles, IHE PDI (Portable Data for Imaging) and IHE BIR (Basic Image Review).

PDF-Logo Experiences from quality testing and the new IHE profiles
Dr. Marco Eichelberg

"Deutsches Ärzteblatt": First DRG CD certificates issued

April 2008. The German journal "Deutsches Ärzteblatt" released a short article about the first CD certificates issued. The article is online in the journal's archive (German only).

Paper-Logo Patienten-CD: Erste Produkte mit Prüfsiegel
in: Deutsches Ärzteblatt, volume 105, issue 15, 11. April 2008

Press release: DRG issues first certificates at ECR 2008

2008-02-13. On The European Congress of Radiology 2008 (ECR 2008, March 7.-11. in Vienna), the German Society of Radiology (DRG) will issue first certificates to vendors of products creating patient CDs that conform to the recommendations of the DRG. With this step, there is a quality certificate available on the German market that helps doctors and clinics for choosing "good" patient CD-burning products.

Paper-Logo The full text of the press release can be found on the project's page (English)
or at the "Informationsdienst Wissenschaft" (German language only).

Bad Zwischenahn 2008

As part of a quality circle of radiologists from the Oldenburg/Friesland region, the current status of the certification project was presented in January 2008. The slide set is available as PDF download, in German language only.
PDF-Logo DICOM-CDs und das Testat-Projekt der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft
Dr. Marco Eichelberg

EuroPACS 2007

In the context of the EuroPACS 2007 conference a proceedings paper about the DRG Certification Project has been published. The complete text is available in

Int J CARS Vol. 2 Suppl. 1, S290-S292 (2007).

The slides presented at the conference are available as PDF download.
PDF-Logo Exchange of radiological images on DICOM CD - A survey of the state of technology in Germany
Dipl.-Inform. Michael Onken, Dr. Marco Eichelberg, Dr. Jörg Riesmeier, Prof. Dr. Mildenberger

IHE Information Day 2006

The DRG Certification Project was presented at the IHE Germany 2006 Information Day, which took place October 30th 2006 in Franfurt/Germany. A special focus was on the connection between the DRG project and the Integration Profiles of the IHE initiative. Slides available in German language only.

PDF-Logo Das Testat-Projekt für Patienten-CDs der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft - Ein Beispiel für die praktische Anwendung von IHE-Integrationsprofilen
Dr. Marco Eichelberg, Oldenburg

Management in Radiology 2006

At the congress "Management in Radiology 2006" (October 5-7, 2006, Budapest/Hungary) the DRG Certification Project was presented in two lectures. The corresponding set of slides can be downloaded here in PDF format.

PDF-Logo CD-Rom for Image Exchange - The Quality Assurance Initiative of the German Roentgen Society (DRG)
Prof. Dr. Peter Mildenberger, Mainz
PDF-Logo Technical and Organisational Solutions for a Nation-wide Testing Procedure for DICOM CDs
Dr. Marco Eichelberg, Oldenburg

DRG Certification Project handouts at the German Congress of Radiology 2006

The DRG Certification Project was presented at a booth shared by IHE, ZVEI, OFFIS and the IT working group (@GIT) of the German Radiological Society (DRG). The two most important documents of the project, the Requirements Specification for patient CDs and the Guidelines for handling those CDs, were presented in two short handouts, which are also available for download in PDF format (German language only).

PDF-Logo DRK 2006-Flyer zum Anforderungskatalog für Patienten-CDs
PDF-Logo DRK 2006-Flyer zum Leitfaden zur Handhabung von Patienten-CDs
PDF-Logo Einverständniserklärung des Patienten zum Analysieren einer Patienten-CD (DRK 2006 und 2007)

Refresher-course about "DICOM-CD" at the Germany Congress of Radiology 2006

At the German Congress of Radiology 2006 the issue of exchanging radiological images on patient CDs was thoroughly discussed from the technical point of view as well as from the perspective of the State Medical Chambers ("Ärztliche Stellen") in Germany. The slides of the presentations can be downloaded here in PDF format (German language only).

PDF-Logo Austausch von Bildern mit Patienten-CDs aus radiologischer Sicht
Prof. Dr. Peter Mildenberger, Mainz
PDF-Logo Das Testat-Projekt für Datenaustauschmedien der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft e.V.
Dr. Marco Eichelberg, Dipl-Inform. Michael Onken, Oldenburg
PDF-Logo DICOM-CD - Erfahrungen, Anforderungen und Perspektiven der ärztlichen Stellen
PD Dr. Michael Walz, Eschborn

Radiology Today April 2007

Paper-Logo PACS Platform - DICOM CD Validation Testing
in: Radiology Today 2007-04-09

E-HEALTH-COM Januar 2007 (in German language)

Paper-Logo Zum Testat bitte
in: E-HEALTH-COM Nr. 1, Jan/Feb 2007

Aunt Minnie PACS January 2007

Paper-Logo Testing procedure improves usability of DICOM CDs
in: Aunt Minnie PACS Community, 01/2007

RIS-PACS-Journal January 2007 (in German language)

Paper-Logo Leitfaden zur Handhabung von Datenträgern mit Patienteninformationen
in: RIS-PACS-Journal 01/2007, p. 84
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